Who we are

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A division of Potts & Pans, Inc. NFP, a 100% panist owned and operated Not-For-Profit organization based in Crystal Lake, IL.

Utilizing a connection with The Steelpan Store, Potts & Pans Publishing is able to keep costs low, and therefore pay top dollar to artists while still delivering great prices to the customers.

What we do

We use multiple panists as consultants to ensure that all pieces are as straight forward as possible. No more wondering about what to roll, or what style the arrangement is actually in. All that information is provided in an easy to interpret format.

Also, no more MIDI samples! All Potts & Pans Publishing pieces are recorded by a professional steelband without cost to the arranger/composer. This provides customers a real world sound for every piece that we offer. Along with that, view a sample PDF of the first page of any score to see the notation and style of the piece.